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Welcome to The Green Lane Guide

We're enthusiasts who regularly drive off-road, in Land Rovers. We're not geek's or anoraks, contrary to belief (and "the Fast Show" viewers!!), we're just ordinary people who enjoy getting out and about in our 'Solihull products' both on and off-road.


August 2013

Well a lot has happened sine I last updated the website. Most recently a new Land rover magazine has hit the news stands Classic Land Rover devoted to all those people that have old and/or classic land rovers and well worth a read. I spent a few months around October 2012 welding up the 3 door discovery to get it through its MOT and I am currently rebuilding the V8 in Uriah(the heap) the white 110. The engine got totalled last October over devils pit I thought it had blown the head gaskets but no, it had cracked the heads/block. I am in the process of rebuilding the original engine that was in the car when I bought it. Its an old Rover P6 leaded engine that had knocked out the big ends and mains. I'm using the heads and block from the P6 engine and crankshaft and bearings from the blown engine. I've also bought 3/8" UNC helicoil kit to fix all the stripped threads in the heads where the exhaust manifold bolts on. I'm also using the electronic distributor in place of the old points version. The inlet manifold is different and this has necessitated swapping the stromberg carbs for the SU's. All in all its been quite a lot of work for an engine thats due to be replaced by 200TDI lump in the not to distant future. I am trying to finish all this and get the car MOT ready by next week as the tax has run out and I want re-tax it without declaring it SORN. Well at least it keeps me off the streets.


March 2012

Well despite all the intentions nothing much was updated on the website. The white 110 has been moved to a new location in preparation for the work to bring to its peak. Andre's Discovery is off the road again this time it sounds like the big ends, he is one unlucky guy. Three of us took a trip to North Wales for a couple of days green laning on the 15/16th March. We had a great time and did a few lanes that we had not visited before. Used the M6 toll road on the way up which was a bit of a waste of time as the exit is too far north of the M54. We took just as long to get back on the M54 via side roads as if we had just stuck on the non-toll M6 (won't bother next time). I will write the trip up and post it in the next few weeks along with some pictures in the gallery. I'm also intending to do some of the Hertfordshire lanes one evening this week.


December 2011

It's nearly 7 months since I last updated the site and a lot has happened in that time. Andre's Discovery blew its head gasket and we spent a fair amount of time sorting it out. Still its all done now but now his alternator has packed up. Once he's sorted that we still have to fit the steering and diff guards that I sold him about 3 months ago. I have finally managed to sort out the electrics on the 5 door Discovery. After ripping out the centre console and the dashboard I finally traced the problem to the fusible links on the right hand inner wing top. Now this car's not supposed to be fitted with these. but its the second time this fault has reared its ugly head. Anyway its sorted now, until the next time!!!! I am now making a conscious effort to do all those jobs that I've "not got around 2 it" before. Consequently the Red V8 Discovery is now also back on the road and I only have a few jobs to do to make it A1. I have made it my mission to get the website updated with all the latest news and revamp it before Xmas 2011 with a new "Projects" page, to chronicle the welding repairs to the 5 door Disco' and fitting of the new dashboard console in "Uriah" the white 110. Until then stay safe.


May 2011

Well I finally got my backside into gear wrote up my recollections of the trip to North Wales in March. Emma's recollections are more entertaining but mine contain all the route data. So if you want to go and see it for yourself I've tried to give as much info as I can.


March 2011

Well another trip was undertaken to North Wales so Andre could try out his new Discovery I haven't had time to write it up yet but I've posted Emma's recollections on the excursion page, enjoy.


January 2011

Well much has happened  in the last few months but I haven't had the time to report it. The trip to Devil's pit didn't happen because we had 100% drop out from the invited guests, but as many of you know the enthusiasm of the un-initiated often drops off at the last minute. I have finally finished writing up the trip we made in 2006 to Llanerchindda farm and that is now posted on the excursions page. There weren't a lot of pictures so its mostly text. In November 3 of us went for a couple of days to Llangollen in North Wales with the 3 door Discovery and I'm in the process of writing that up now and I expect to post it to the website within the next 2 weeks. Phil is planning a trip to Northcape in Norway in aid of charity but more on that later. Hopefully this year will see a lot more activity both on the website and off-road.


May 2010

Well not much has happened  in the off road scene over the last few months due to pressure of other commitments. I did manage to wire up the spotlights on Uriah the 110 and I obtained a set of roof bars for the 3 door Discovery. I've also bought Phil's V8 LPG converted Discovery but apart from that nothing has happened. I've been busy restoring my bus and its taken longer than I'd hoped. Yes you did read that right its an ex-London Transport AEC Swift circa 1971, I've owned it since 1983 and for the last 20 years its lain idle on a farm. I went over to it just after Xmas and shoved a couple of spare batteries in it from the Land Rovers and loe and behold it started. I've been trying to get it up to MOT standard but its surprising how long it takes when you are working on something as large as this. Anyway on 27th June a group of us are going to Devil's Pit for a play day, it's the last one before the summer recess. So I'll report back after we've been.


January 2010

Well Christmas and New Year have come and gone and the snow is here, so those of us that own 4x4 have had the chance to try them out. I was driving along the other day minding my own business when the alternator light came the broken water pump from the 200TDI Discoveryon. Damn, I thought the fan belt's gone. I continued on to my brother's which was only a few miles away and when I got there I popped the bonnet. It wasn't the fan belt it was the water pump, the impeller shaft had sheared clean through, as you can see from the picture. The fan and pulley had flown off and wedged between the radiator and its shroud. It took me about 3 hours to locate another water pump and fit it. I was lucky, at least the radiator was intact with very little damage. As this motor is to be donor for the 110 200TDI conversion I try to put a positive spin on it, at least it didn't go when I was half way across Romania and miles from the nearest Landrover dealer! Let's hope that this is not an ominous start for 2010.


November 2009

Well I haven't started preparing for Romania yet but have done some work on Uriah the 110. I've fitted an "A" bar and a set of 8" 100w spotlights, it's one of those jobs I've been meaning to do for quite a while. I got the spotlights for a birthday present at least 2 years ago and I never got around to fitting them. They're fitted now but I've still got to finish wiring them up. The relay is wired in and working and I'm just left to run a wire from the relay to the spots. I'd run out of bullet connectors but I've got some now and hopefully the job will be finished next weekend. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time getting the last of the pictures in the photo gallery and now at least all the trips are in. The last to be added were 8 pages of the Pyrenean mountain trip in 2000.  Now all I've got to do is write up the excursion notes for it and I'm almost up to date. I've found some interesting kit at Mud Stuff for housing radios and switches in a Defender you can find a link to the website in the links page. I'll write up my findings in news and reviews once I've acquired the radio housing console. At least then I can fit the CB radio that I was given at Xmas 3years ago!


October 2009

Well not much happened in October but I did manage to finish fitting a set of Range Rover alloys with BFG all terrains to "Uriah" the 110.  So I took the opportunity to go to Devil's Pit on the  18th to try them out. There were 10 of us packed in and at least three of us had not driven off road before. Apart from a bit of over heating the car performed well and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. I will put a new page in the photo gallery in the next few days. In the next month I intend to start work on the Discovery's so that I can prepare for Romania in winter 2010 or spring 2011.


September 2009

It's now September 2009 and nothing much has happened on the Romania front due to lack of funds and enthusiasum. I can't afford to take a 3.5 V8 on a round trip of 3000 miles at 12 mpg. I am now attempting to change the 110 "Uriah" (the heap) to a 200TDI using the 3 door Discovery as the donor vehicle. The progress will be shown and reported on in a new section "Projects" which will be added soon. This section will detail various projects, such as the refurbishment of the 5 door 200TDI Discovery and the 110 engine and gearbox conversion. As soon as the 110's converted to diesel the trip to Romania will be back on. Current expectation is that the trip will take place some time around June/July 2010. In terms of the website there has been a lot of work adding a new photo gallery, there are now many pages catalogued by excursion/event. In addition there are quite a few more excursions added in the excursions section with more to come over the next few months. I will endevour to add at least one new thing every month from now on. I'm not going to dwell on the lack of activity in the past its time to move on.   You can keep abreast of developments for our trip to Romania by visiting the Romania 2010 page.  As the plans take shape we'll be updating our progress, here at tglg, for you to see.  We're also looking for team members to accompany us to Romania so if you're up for it then feel free to drop us a line.  We're also considering some sort of charity run when we go, maybe take some charitable goods with us, so if you have any suggestions for that then we'd also love to hear from you.


17th November '05...

Oh wow, what a year this has been.  As you can see, the site's been busy.  Last update March, it's now November!

Plenty of water under the bridge this year, there's been two new additions to the Solihull stable.  Both K-plated Discovery's. A 3.5V8 and a 2.5tdi.  Which one's mine?  The V8 - and didn't I know it before I converted it to gas.

200 miles to £60 of petrol's not my idea of 'fun motoring', whatever the steed.

I've since had it converted to gas, professionally of course, and it now sports a 140ltr gas tank (yes, it does take up the whole boot) which gives me a range between 250 miles to 400+ miles depending on how I drive it.  All for a price of £40 per tank.  Nice.  I got it converted in Poland as it was a cheap alternative whilst on holiday.  Read more about it here.

In the mean time the site is definitely getting a makeover real soon.  I've got me plenty of spare time in the evenings in the run up to Xmas and new PHP skills so we can bin this crap forum we got here and develop our own forum.

Watch this space.


26th March, '05...

Ok, here's the deal, I decided that enough's enough and tried to get the Range Rover started today so I could turn it around on the driveway so I can get to the nearside sill and weld the new one in.  Here I am, 2 days later, still not accomplished!  Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  I've had to create 1 starter motor from 2 old duff one's, now the car wont start due to an unknown fault (it worked earlier but we had to stop it 'cos the water leaking from the engine was a gentle reminder that I've been cannabilising bits off of it while it's been stood).  Well, there's always tomorrow!


2005 - New Year, New Start, New Site...

The GreenLaneGuide has been neglected, pure and simple, neglected.  Anyway, I'm back from Belgium now - permanently - and it's time to get 'rocking and rolling' on tglg.  The site's going to be redesigned, incorporating a new forum (so that we don't have to keep editing the 'spam' posts for Viagra and 'teen v!rgins' and so on!), new colours and, most importantly - NEW CONTENT.

I've finally re-acquired my Series III, 'Dorothy', so she'll be getting road legal, Dick's acquired a new Disco (which he says is not going 'off-road' but we'll see about that) and there's a new member of tglg in the guise of my fiancee - Ula.  She says she's not interested in off-roading but we'll soon 'train' her to like it.

So, check back real soon and see what tglg has in store for 2005.

Happy New Year people!! .


(PS. check out our new photo gallery below.  All photo's are available for purchase, just drop us an email at if you fancy buying any of them) .

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wales, Nov 2001.

This was a trip by one of our members and one of his friends who needed to be 'introduced' to the off-roading style of things.  The weekend would have been a complete success but for the fact they got stuck in a hole for several hours!!  Some people would say that's part of the experience, others not.  See if you can tell what the author of the article thinks!!

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